Quality Certified

The company, management and staff are committed to producing high quality products that conform to customer's specifications and requirements.

To maintain this commitment F Laucke Pty Ltd is dedicated to the philosophy of quality management and food safety that sets out a level of product excellence and service that our customers can expect.

To support this philosophy and commitment, and to give our customers the greatest level of confidence in our products, Laucke Mills are FeedSafe and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified. Certification means that we are assessed annually by an independent third party auditor as meeting the requirements of these standards.

FeedSafe® Certification

The SFMCA (Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia) operates FeedSafe® as the Quality Assurance Accreditation Program for the Australian stock feed industry.

All full (active manufacturer) members of the SFMCA are required to comply with FeedSafe® to retain their Association membership. The central aspect of FeedSafe® is a Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which has been developed in conjunction with the Chief Veterinary Officers within each State, and the final document has Primary Industries Ministerial Council endorsement.

FeedSafe® requires feed manufacturers to meet minimum standards in relation to:
·   Premises and mill buildings
·   Personnel training and qualifications
·   Plant and equipment
·   Raw material sourcing and purchasing
·   Raw material quality and storage
·   Feed formulation and manufacturing
·   Product labelling
·   Loading, transport and delivery to clients
·   Product inspection, sampling and testing
·   Customer complaint investigation

FeedSafe® is a program aimed at increasing the commitment of the Australian stock feed industry to quality assurance & risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds. The SFMCA through FeedSafe® has recognised the need for a broader industry approach to feed & food safety and is providing greater security of supply to Australia’s livestock industries.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) System

HACCP is an international principle defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. The HACCP system helps the company focus on the hazards that affect food safety/hygiene and systematically identifies them by setting up control limits at critical (and non-critical) control points throughout the feed production process. These limits are continuously monitored and recorded during each process to ensure the food safety criteria are met at all times.